We are delighted to now be able to offer hydrotherapy in our purpose built hydro room with underwater treadmill.

Hydrotherapy is hugely beneficial in a wide range of cases, including osteoarthritis, post-operative recovery, pre-operative strengthening, increasing mobility and as a tool for weight loss.

The warm water helps to relieve aches and pains and reduces muscle spasm, whilst the buoyancy of the water supports the body, reducing the weight placed upon stiff or painful joints by up to 62%. This is particularly useful in cases where normal land based exercise is not permitted, such as when recovering from an injury or following surgery.

The pressure of the water can help to reduce swelling and oedema, whilst providing important sensory and proprioceptive information, aiding balance and joint stability, and is extremely useful in the treatment of neurological conditions.

Hydrotherapy can also be utilised for fun and fitness, as the water resistance helps to strengthen muscles and increases cardiovascular fitness.

What to expect:

Your dog will first be assessed by our physiotherapist, to determine what the goals of the treatment should be and how best to achieve those goals. The dog will then be fitted with a harness and walked into our glass sided treadmill, along with the therapist who will stay with your dog throughout the treatment to provide maximum support and reassurance. The water is then filled to the desired level depending on the requirements of the individual dog, and the speed of the treadmill will be adjusted accordingly. The water fills from the floor upwards and is generally well tolerated. Your dog will carry out short sets of walking or trotting on the treadmill with regular rest intervals, all tailored to your dogs individual needs and supported by the therapist at all times.

Each session is logged electronically and can be used over time to monitor their progress.

Our hydrotherapy treadmill is open to all. To book your session please contact our reception team on 015395 32669