Our Physiotherapy Centre

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Physiotherapy Centre

Come meet our Chartered Physiotherapist, Amy Voakes (ACPAT)  to improve your pets mobility, general fitness training, or injury / post-op recovery.


Run a separate centre including different colour themes your pet will hopefully have a more relaxed experience.

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Waiting area

Relax in the waiting area and enjoy the waterfalls!

Hydrotherapy Room

We have the most modern underwater treadmill available on the market - it even records data of each session so you can monitor your pets progress.

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Laser treatment room

We have been getting amazing results with the Class 4 laser for several years now, so much so it now has a dedicated room!

Acupuncture room

Our vet Jo has been using acupuncture on dogs, cats and horses for many years, including electro needle stimulation.

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Physiotherapy treatment area

This outstanding area provides plenty of indoor space for Rebecca to perform many types or physiotherapy exercises and gait assessments. You also get to enjoy the natural rock feature and waterfalls!

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