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Our Veterinary Centre


Veterinary Centre

Following 50 years at the old practice, Archway moved to new state of the art premises in June 2019, enabling us to take the veterinary care of our animals to another level for many years to come.

Reception and Shop

Large reception desk with wheelchair accessibility, cat basket resting area, and large range of pet food and accessories.

Main Reception.JPEG
Dog waiting area.jpg

Dog Waiting room

Light and fresh, the whole practice has full air conditioning with controlled ventilation and heat recovery.

Cat waiting room

Dedicated sound proofed area with seating for cats as well as clients, leading directly into..

Cat waiting area.JPEG
Cat consult room.JPEG

Cat consult room

No scary smells in here, to help keep your cat as relaxed as possible.

3 Dog consult rooms

Modern consult rooms designed so you can easily view your pets test results, Xrays, and online resources.

Dog consult room.png
Bereavement room.jpg

Bereavement room

When the sad time comes to say good bye to your beloved friend, you no longer need to wait in the waiting room but can go straight into this more relaxed room, stay with them for as long as you wish, and when ready leave directly by another door.


We are the first practice in South Cumbria to have the full range of Idexx in-house equipment for blood and urine. All the machines link directly to screens in the consult rooms enabling you to see blood results, digital photos of crystals in urine, pictures from down the microscope, and more!

Dog Ward.jpg

Dog Ward

Fully air-conditioned, the walk-in kennels also have under-floor heating ensuring your pets comfort.

Cat Ward

Dedicated room for cats with extra space for any that need to stay over-night. All the wards also have piped medical oxygen should it be required.

Cat ward.jpg
Feeding Guinea Pig

Exotic Ward

coming soon - A separate ward for rabbits, guinea pigs, small furies, lizards, snakes, and more!

Isolation Ward

For pets with contagious diseases, all the comforts of the other wards but where they can be isolated with barrier nursing care.

Isolation Ward.png
Prep Area.JPEG

Central Prep Area in theatre

This large light area is where pets are prepared for their operation, then they move on trollies to the relevant procedure room. The whole of the theatre unit has wall cladding and sealed flooring to ensure maximum cleanliness. We have piped medical gases and scavenging of exhaled air.

Two high spec operating theatres

The two theatres are designed to a very high standard, even with positive air pressure to keep out unwanted pathogens. We use the newest safest anaesthetic (Sevoflo) with excellent monitoring equipment to help ensure your pets anaesthetic is as safe as possible.

Operating Theatre.JPEG
Dental suite.jpg

Dental suite

All dental procedures and other less sterile operations are carried out in here.

Imaging suite - xray, ultrasound, endoscopy.

For investigations involving xray, ultrasound, and endoscopy. The adjoining control room is behind a leaded door and glass to allow observation whilst safely taking Xrays.

Imaging Suite.png
Post-op Recovery Area.png

Post-op Recovery area

Pets recover here after ops where they are constantly monitored, only returning to the wards once fully recovered.

Large Animal treatment room

This large room now enables us to perform operations indoors on smaller farm animals such as sheep caesarians, calf and goat operations, etc. It also contains hospitalisation facilities if required.

Large Animal Treatment room.png
Meeting room.JPEG

Meeting & Training room

For either informal staff meetings or CPD staff training this room has already proved invaluable.

Nurse Rest room

A super relaxing area for our on call nurses that care for all hospitalised patients through the night.

Nurse rest room.png
Vets Office.JPEG

Vets Office

The nerve centre - We Fortunately took this photo before they moved in!

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